Heirloom Jewelry

In  Cheryl's two kiosks across the aisle from each other on our first level (Code CAL), she displays a vast array of beautiful Heirloom, Antique, Vintage and Estate Jewelry, including fine jewelry, vintage rhinestone, fashion and costume jewelry, for every taste, event, holiday and pocketbook.

Jean's Barbie collection

Jean has a wonderful selection of vintage BARBIES  on display on our first level, (Code WWC). not only will you fine barbie dolls but also a fine selection of barbie clothes.

Jerry's Dish Obsession

Jerry is a collector of Homer Laughlin dishes (Code JL 79) and he also has a booth filled with many wonderful wood products as you may see in the photo above, come and meet him as he is in the store on most saturday's.

Tom's Art Works

Tom deals in many types of art and furniture (Code DTB) he's on our first level and also our lower level, his art work is everything from signed Icart's to signed watercolors and numbered prints and much more.

Linda's Valuable Stuff

Linda has a collection (Code LH) on our first level, from collectible tins to spice tins to depression glass and more.

Donna's Kitchen and More

In Donna's booth (Code DMF) you will find everything from forks & spoons to many sizes of bowls and much more, you may notice that her favorite color is RED as you look in her booth. She is on our first level.

Lisa's Collectible's & clothes

In Lisa's booth (Code TAY) on our first level  you will find everything from waterford glass to fun Hawaiian shirts.

Steve's Red Wing Collection

In Steve's Booth (Code UT34) on our lower level, you will find a vast collection of very special pieces of Red Wing that he has been collecting over the years, now he is starting to down size and share it with people who are looking for some of the more rare pieces he has found in his travels. More on right side of this picture.

More of Steve's Collection

As you see some more of Steve's collection, it includes Water Jugs, Beehive Jugs, Advertising Jugs and Bowls, Spongeware Bowls, Salt Glaze Jugs, Many different size covers, Plates and much more.  You need to come into the store to appreciate what he has in his booth.